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Bright signs for PNG coaches

The participants learnt so much on many new things they might have missed out on their work as a coach. This includes going through both theory and practical sessions on the coaching tactics and skills with Giovani Fernandes.

Consultant of Oceania Football Confederation Mr. Giovani Fernandes facilitated the workshop and feels PNG has a big potential in coaching and by appointing these coaches for the workshop, it will surely build their knowledge of coaching.

The course allowed for the participants to explore more in depth the coaching process in regards to planning and delivering coaching sessions around the principles of the game. At the same time addressed the development of a specific game model pertinent to each coach, focusing on the specificities of their environment and needs of the players which also serves as a basis for their own evaluation process.

Giovani said the most encouraging element was the actual knowledge each coach had about their specific environment. PNG is a multi-cultural country with over 800 different languages and naturally there are different sets of norms and acceptable behaviour for each specific region.

“At the same time, the coaches who attended the course can continue to further improve their knowledge about the game by placing more emphasis on their planning and evaluation process, which in turn should positively impact the training session delivery.’’

“Throughout the course we focused on shifting the coaches’ approach from delivering training sessions to actually developing a process in which they addressed specific player needs around the principles of the game in their own environment.”

“I felt the coaches embraced the concept during the week, but the key is for them to continue to apply it in their environment which in turn will impact their knowledge about the game, the players and about themselves and therefore enhance their coaching delivery.”

“Most coaches have a philosophy in which they operate regardless of how simple it may be; it could be an instinctive habit or it may be a well elaborate process but by establishing a logical and practical coaching philosophy we can increase our football knowledge, improve our organization skills and improve the communication process, all of which will lead us to building a positive team environment and improving individual and team performances,” said Giovani.