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Just Play moves to a new level in Kimbe after the roll out in March this year.

Just Play moves to a new level in Kimbe after the roll out in March this year.

This includes Football to allow the young students to involve more in physical and sports activities.

The move is a blessing for PNG Football Association, as it paves ways for Just Play to develop young children at an early age for future representatives and the Game of Football itself to be practiced in a wider range of young kids.

About 3998 kids so far in the province has joined the fun of playing mini football matches, sidestepping cones, stepping through rings, running and collecting cones while clapping, screaming, laughing and all sorts of happy reactions that puts smiles on their faces after a long day of classroom work.

The stunning display from the kids surprised PNGFA’s Just Play representative, who believes Just Play has taught an invaluable lesson.

The program not only cares about our children’s life but it also strengthens their mental ability. Thank you Just Play.

We are looking forward to the this long journey and hopefully the kids will fully enjoy the spirit of Just Play, having fun, live a happy life while at the same time playing football.

Meanwhile in Port Moresby the one day Just Play festival which was held last Friday saw 17 schools present to be part of the day’s event playing football and getting to know other schools also in the elite program.

Oceania Football Confederation in partnership with the Government of Australia – through its agencies the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) – and Football Federation Australia (FFA) to roll out the programme across the Pacific.

The Australian Government has shown its support to the Just Play programme by contributing AU$4million over three years.

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