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PKA Rapatona seals a win

Both teams slugged it out long and hard for a good part of the match but it was marred by inaccurate attempts at goal from both teams.

Rapatona as usual were on high alert and their continuous raids sent out warnings for Welgris to step up.

Welgris Morobe’s Becken Yanum leading is troops at the front had more than enough opportunities to score but stringent defence by Steven, Richard Pono, Christo Mathew and Emmanuel Popoitai denied them.

Welgris were saved by excellent goal keeping from Vagi Koniel who made more saves than his counterpart, Rapatona goal keeper John Bai.

Rapatona’s midfielder Samuel Kini applied the pressure on Koniel in the opening half with a cruiser from 18 yards out but Koniel was on the spot to deflect.

Pettyshen Elizah took a chance at goal but again Koniel was accurate.

A clear opportunity arrived at Rapatona Patrick Aisa’s door but a feeble effort to head in the goal saw Koniel quickly covering.

Switching play from different flanks, Elizah bolted in at attempt which Koniel deflected and the rebound saw Elizah attempting again but Koniel was too good and palmed the ball ou of play.

Well-placed crosses by Rapatona’s hard hitting Henry Ronny were all wasted with little alertness on his efforts from his forward partners having the match going into half time scoreless.

Going into second half Ronny kept asking questions at the left flanks of Welgris who just could not find a way out.

Ronny kept at it and found Welgris wavering and fired off a shot which was deflected by Koniel only to land at Steven’s feet who drove a low hard ball past Koniel.

The 1-0 score line had Welgris frantic for an equaliser but long inaccurate passes easily gave away possession for Rapatona to slow down the match and have it their way.

In the match played over in Lae between Hekari United and defending champion Lae City Dwellers were played in front of a bumper crowd which ended in a draw.

Dwellers dominated the match in the second half but they just could not find the back net of the Hekari, thanks to the brilliance of goal-keeper Ishmael Pole.

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