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Eastern Stars and Hekari go for finals

On Saturday these two teams will engage in a battle of strength and strategy to out do the other to get their hands on the coveted NSL cup and the title of the champions soccer team.

Both are well balanced sides both in attack and defence but it will be the side that makes use of any opportunity that comes its way to score that will win in the end.
Hekari’s Tuimasi Manuca and Kema Jack did not play last week and depending on fitness should make the field. But in their place towering Malakai Tiwa has fit in well to patch up the loopholes.

The onus is on Hekari’s two player makers in captain David Muta and Koriak “Mr Fix It” Upaiga. Muta knows and loves the pressure and has a way of weaving his magic when the going gets tough.

Upaiga on the other hand is a cool customer. He is like the fish “nemo” when opposition players corner him he has a way of darting away. If you miss a tackle on him, he has the power to hurt oppositions.

Anchor back Alvin Singh is a tough nut to crack and any aerial duel will be easily cleared by this young Fijian star. Neil Hans must be given more game time. He is a clinical and devastating finisher. If set up well, he can score at will.

Hekari and a well drilled and disciplined side. However they have a major flaw – missing their chances when the opportunity is created. Eastern Stars, on the other hand are well drilled but have a calypso style of play. An open freestyle. But this is a grand final and they will need to tighten up.

Franchise owner Joseph Ealedona is confident his player will give it their best. “Training this week has been good the players are focused and confident going into the grand final.”
Ealedona however is urging all Milne Bay and Eastern Stars supporters to go to the grand final match wearing blue shirts. He said this would show solidary and support for the Eastern Stars.

On the playing roster, Adrian Komu knows the pressures of champion football and will be marshalling his charges. Young Michael Forster has a wealth of talent, but will need to play it cool. Talking about being cool, Andrew Marampau Jnr needs to keep it. But the game breakers are Josh Niebo who must take on a greater role in leading and Fabian Bagi. Big Tagaya Watson will be having a busy day at the office and will need to keep a tight control in the backs.

But having said all that. The game will go down to opportunities. The team that latches on to the slightest opportunity will take out the NSL cup and the prize money. But don’t forget the goalie to can break your heart. Enjoy your game.

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