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NBS Tukoko University goes down to Eastern Stars FC

It was a very tough match in the first minutes into the game from both sides. Five minutes into the game and a sudden roar erupted from the supporters when Tokoko went hard on Eastern Stars to score the the opening goal by Marcellin Wabum just five minutes in the first half bringing the score to Tukoko taking the lead with 1 goal to Eastern Stars yet to score.

Eastern Stars made numerous attempts but the boys from Lae shield every gap in their territory and blocked off Eastern Stars. In the 5th minute, the homeboys took the corner kick but Tukoko made sure the ball was cleared out. They tried again on the 13th minute but missed again. A minute later Eastern Stars took a penalty shot but was saved easily by Tukoko’s goal keeper.

Tukoko had an opportunity to score in the 30th minute but was unable to covert the opportunity into goal.

Ten minutes remained with Eastern Stars struggling to score. They pushed hard struggling to break Tukoko’s tough defense but were only exhausting their strikers. Tukoko maintained their defense in the remaining minutes when the referee blew the whistle for HALF TIME.

Eastern Stars changed their game plan in the second half but still couldn’t make it a success. Just in the 55th minute Eastern Stars Cyril Muta was yellow carded for dangerous tackling to Tukoko’s Ila Ilaitia.

After all the struggles, Eastern Stars Fabian Bagi made it possible in the 64th minute with his free kick that went straight into the goal area and was scored by Karol Kakate. That brought Eastern Stars to equalize with Tukoko University 1 all.

A corner kick by Eastern Stars didn’t go well and was cleared off by Tukoko in the 75th minute. As the game became t tough, this time Eastern Stars put more pressure but only to find Jeremy Yasasa yellow carded for indirect blocking. That was then followed by his team-mate Andrew Marampao with his dangerous tackling.

Minutes before full time and Eastern Stars Fabian Bagi scored his team’s second goal of the match making the Lae boys come stronger but their attempts were unsuccessful. Another goal was scored by Mike Forster which brought Eastern Stars to take the lead with 3 goals to 1.

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