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Coaches share ideas

The purpose of the OFC-License coaching course was for coaches to share ideas on how to improve on the gained knowledge and skills.

The OFC C-License was facilitated by Oceania Football Confederation coaching director Didier Chambaron who said the course was important as coaches prepare for the new National Soccer League season.

Chambaron said the highest rank of licensing for a coach was an A-license while the C-License was the minimum and it was a FIFA standard adopted around the world.

Practical sessions helped the participants understand and execute what they learned during the classes.

Chambaron said it was important for the coaches to understand the relationship between training and the game.

“It doesn’t matter how good you are but if you understand what type of game you want to play, you have to train accordingly,” he said.

Chambaron said in the absence of good playing skills, the seminar was a big step for the OFC to achieve and share ideas with its member associations.

After the course Chambaron hoped that the PNGFA would conduct more refresher courses to ensure coaches and managers were kept abreast of new coaching developments.

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