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Under 15 Girls captain makes Senior team

Daughter of the former PNG International, Bob Morris, she displayed a high level of football and is full of promises to excel further in the code.

Morris was recommended by her assistant coach, Taku Niebo for the team.

“She has the potential to excel further as a soccer player, Rumona is not much of a talker but she lets the ball do the talking,” Niebo says.

The Senior Women team yesterday morning for New Zealand to take part in the Women’s Nations Cup.

The team list is as follows:

•Linda Bunaga (Goal Keeper)
•Esther Kurabi
•Miriam Lanta
•Kathrina Salaiau
•Dorcas Sesevo
•Jenisa Ulengit
•Edna Thomas
•Linah Honeakii
•Daisy Winas
•Sandra Birum
•Zeen Limbai
•Monica Yawas
•Samantha Peninsa
•Caroline Moeder
•Deslyn Siniu
•Lydia Banabas
•Rumona Morris
•Fidelma Watpore (Goal Keeper)

Team Officials

•Francis Moyap Coach
•Steven Mune Assistant Coach
•Milton Gori Trainer
•Loanna Mave Manager
•Ikanau Matangiau Liason Officer
There are 8 countries taking part and are pooled into 2 groups.

PNG is placed in Group B with Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga, and by past competitions, our ladies have done well against these countries.

New Zealand is placed in Group A with Cook Islands, Tahiti and Vanuatu.

In their opening match set for the 29th of this month, PNG will take on Fiji and according to Moyap, the women’s team is looking good and is confident that they will produce good results from the challenge.

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