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Yamaros Blue Kumuls defeats Yabong

Yamaros Blue Kumuls always look on the winning side when they walked over their opposition side forcing a thrashing 4- nil win over Yabong on Saturday.

Soccer followers around Madang turned up to witness the women’s match between Yamaros Blue Kumuls and Yabong at the Madang’s Laiwaden oval.

Yamaros had the upper hand having most of the national women in the team and wasted no time with their opener through experienced, Ramona Morris. Yabong strikers wouldn’t be under estimated for their efforts and pushed forward to eqaulize but the young blood mostly from Tusbab Secondary seem to dominate the first half having all the ball in their possession.

Yabong realised they had no luck in taking over the ball from the Kumuls women and had to clear every scoring attempt taken by Yamaros. Heading towards the half time whistle, Yamaros fought hard to add another goal but they could not go beyond Yabong’s backline as the clock starts to tick for the half time break.

In the remaining minutes before half time, Yabong realised their failure and tried to feed their midfielders but couldn’t find their targets when the referee signalled for half time.

Coming back from the break, Yamaros pressured on which resulted in their second goal of the afternoon by Karel Romo to extend their lead to 2 – 0. PNG junior women’s striker, Georgina Kaikas added two more goals to seal the result at full time 4- 0. Yabong found no chance of taking any shots and had to leave the Blue Kumuls take on the winning side in the final blow of the whistle.

The full time result stood in favour of Yamaros Blue Kumuls 4 defeating Yabong nil.

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