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NSL Minor Premiership is at stake

Both teams have won three games apiece but the host have the upper hand over the Reds with five goals to their advantage.

Dwellers coach Peter Gunemba is wary of the kind of football Hekari play and has prepared his charges for the battle.

He will be banking on his lethal duo Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba, who will be assisted by Joachim Waroi.

All three are former Hekari players now playing from the opposite end of the pitch and it would be interesting to watch how they face up to their former teammates.

Hekari coach Jerry Allen does not want to talk much but would rather allow his men to do the taking on the field.

He said he would not count on his side’s clean slate over the Dwellers during the regular season but would work hard to prove that Hekari was still the best club in the country.

The Solomon Islander will depend on his mid-field trio of David Muta, Emmanuel Simon and Wira Wama to call the shots.

However, he is mindful of the pace of Gunemba and Dabinyaba, who could easily put the Hekari defence in all sorts of trouble.

Hekari defenders Daniel Joe, Tekieta Remuera, Sammy Cambell and Otto Kusunan must rise to deny the Gunemba-Dabinyaba onslaught.

Acrobatic goalkeeping by Ishmael Pole was the deciding factor against Welgris Morobe United, and he is expected to rise against Lae City Dwellers.

In the other National League match in Port Moresby, Welgris Morobe United will be looking to put a score on their tally and must beat PKA Rapatona.

All matches will be played on Saturday at 2pm.

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