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Eastern Stars defeated Besta PNG United FC with a 3-2 lead.

Eastern Stars made a show for the residence in Lae on Saturday when they took on Besta PNG FC. In the opening minutes, Besta PNG made efforts to take to the lead with an opening goal but Eastern Stars defense was tough and made clearance of the ball when Besta made attempts.

Besta finally made it through in the 5th minute when the top goal scorer Jamaal Seeto broke through the defense and gave a shot when Nigel Dabayaba crosses the ball to him in box. Eastern Stars were unfortunatey late to clear the ball and Besta Jamaal places the ball easily.

Besta’s first goal gave them strength and pushed hard , making their way again for another goal but this time Eastern Stars defenders wouldnt let them go past them and cleared off the ball. Eastern Stars were now on alert, took possession of the ball and made their way to Besta’s territory but Besta defenders stood their grounds and made an easy clearance with no difficulties.

Eastern Stars tried in the remaining minutes before half time to score the equalizer but Besta defended their territory so well that Eastern Stars couldnt make it. The score remained at 1-nil in favour of Besta when the referee signalled for half time.

Minutes into the second half Nigel Mayamoris replaced Max Segum. Jamaal made another attempt in the 60th minute. In a simillar situation but this time, a two on one challenge when Eastern Stars defenders fail to clear the ball quickly and an easy goal was added to increase the score for Besta PNG’s, 2-nil.

After the kick at the starting line Eastern Stars were in possession of the ball and finally managed to break through the defense, when Besta tried to defend. Paul Wale made it to Besta’s goalmouth and scored their first goal, bringing the score to stand 1-2. Five minutes after the starting, the ball was in the Eastern Stars possession and Karol Kaka made the equalizer goal in the 73rd minute.

After Eastern Stars equalized, Besta fought hard to push their score, but were unsuccessful. The opponents also tried from their end when Fabian Bagi made his way forward, through Besta’s defense and scored another goal for Eastern Stars in the 87th minute. The score now changes to a 1 point lead in favour of Eastern Stars.

The home team didnt lose hope as they still had few more chances to score and put pressure, pushing back the opponents but Eastern Stars stood firm and made a tough defense, shielding every corners. With every attempts from Besta, Eastern Stars cleared off the ball coming their way. The final result remained at 3-2 when Eastern Stars won the victory.

In the second match between Gigira Laitepo and Tukoko Uni, it was a fair share both teams scoring themselves a goal each. Gigira Laitepo’s Ninico Mani scored the opening goal in the 65th minute and with a 5 minutes time difference, Clemen Peka scored for Tukoko to equalize.

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