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PNGFA to set up regional bodies

Following the increase in Executive Member numbers at the Congress in Kimbe, PNGFA has appointed regional bodies who will operate in the New Guinea Islands, Southern, Momase and Highlands regions and will operate under the following guidelines and regulations.

The regional body is automatically chaired and co- chaired by the Executives of PNGFA based in their region. The regional executives includes Momase representatives Sigi Beschel of Madang Soccer Association and Shem Farock of Wau Soccer Association, New Guinea Islands – Kurt Reimann from Kimbe Soccer Association with Joseph Maineke of Bougainville Soccer Association,
POMSOE’s Wayne Taylor and Simon Koima of NCD Public Servants representing the Southern Region and Paddy Kelly from Goroka Soccer Association for the Highlands.

These regional Executives of PNGFA will conduct regular meetings to address their regional football development and membership. These regional bodies now are authorized by PNGFA to accept associate members to embrace and grow the football family in PNG.

This is not extended to suspended members who have a procedure through different channels to be accepted back into PNGFA in accordance with PNGFA Statutes. PNGFA can assist in human resource development for coaching, refereeing and administration. Membership of a national federation is to provide the pathway to participate in international tournaments through selection of players for National Team duties in all age groups and gender.

In the new regional structure, if the region fails, then the representatives and member associations have to look at their performance instead of pinpointing to one person , that is the President.

“The new structure is a positive challenge to assist with the further development of the sport across the country. To embrace new associate members in the coming years will grow the football family in PNG from the pikinini, grass roots to the NSL. This will also provide a pathway for all to participate in international tournaments through selection for National Team duties in all age groups and genders. Exciting times are ahead.” commented Vice President Linda Wonuhali.

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