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Enga girl enjoying U-17 environment

Sos is of mix parentage with an Enga mum and a dad from Karkar Island in Madang Province, while she was brought up in Enga Province.

While attending Birip Primary School outside of Wabag town in Enga province, young Sos took football as an activity but never knew that her journey was going to go in the direction it has.

Sos was selected to represent her school in the all inter high schools competition in Enga Province and rose up to the occasion, finally being scouted by PNGFA technical officials during the Talent Identification Program.

Like any primary school student, growing up playing any sport was part of her day-to-day routine, but young Sos never thought she would be scouted to represent PNG.

Anna lost her mum Dami Sos, in 2005, and a decade on she reflects on growing stronger and loving football because of her dad being a sports coordinator.

“I see that sport is good and it helps me make a lot of new friends. That is the reason why I play,” Anna says.

“When I was asked to be part of the team I was so excited.

“It was my first time flying from Enga to Port Moresby, and making an overseas trip is a dream of lifetime and something I will never forget. I will do all my best in the games.”

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