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Hekari United Vs Bizprints

Hekari United Fc vs Bizprints Angels

1”Kick off the match between Hekari United and Bizprints Angels

2” Throw in by Hekari United and they begin their attack on the opposing team

3” a near goal scoring opportunity for Heakri but the ball is kick away by the angels

5” Heakri has the opportunity the score no9 a one on one opportunity but that goes bagging.

7” another scoring opportunity through Heakri’s Lorna Tauloi

10”a throw in by no.11
Half time score- Hekari 7defeating Bizprints nil

Whistle blow for the second half

‘49 Bizprints scoreby Ramona Lawrence

‘51 Hekari score by Hekaris No 19, Maggie Weber

’54 Hekari’s Marie Kaipu missed a goal in the scoring box

‘55 hekari Marie’s next attempt of scoring missed

‘57 Hekari No.6 goal disallowed , off side call

‘69 Hekari spoils BizPrint no.9’s attempt at goal

‘64 Substitution for Hekari Edith. S (no.16) for Magdalene Flanders (no.4)

’68 Bizprint goalie saves goal attempt by Hekari’s Marie Kaipu (no.9)

‘ 72 Substitution Hekari( Domitla Waipu)no. 18 for no.12 (Tess Dikiri) and Bizprint Georgina George) no.13 for no.7

’74 goal attempt by Hekari missed, followed by another attempt of a header also missed

’76 goalie spoils Hekari’s goal attempt

‘ Substitution for Hekari no.5 Tabu Tokana for Rebecca Hawengao (no.3)

’80 Hekari’s Marie Kaipu scores. Hekari 9 goals now.

’84 Maggie Weva scores for Hekari.

’84 Hekari substitution Delvina Yaku for Marie Kaipu

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