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Women football kicks off 2011/2012 season this weekend.

You can see excitement in the players’ eyes as they prepare for the semi professional competition which kicks off this Saturday.

Two games will be played in the two major centres, in Lae at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium and Bisini oval in Port Moresby simultaneously starting at 9am. A total of eight women teams will be taking part in this season, four in Port Moresby and four in Lae.

Bara FC, 2010/2011 champions, will be out to confirm that their win last year was no fluke and that they are a genuine force to reckoned when they face Wau FC in the first match. They will have to work extra hard to bring down the current title holder, Bara FC in the opening match. The second game kicks off at 11am when Poro, a new team, takes on PNG Power. Both will also need to display their skills and ball work to prove they are the team to reckoned in the premier competition.

In Port Moresby, after finishing in a low key last year, Hekari Wantoks will be out with the vengeance to bring back lost pride. They will take on Vats Yamaros in the first game starting at 9 o’clock.

Vats Yamaros club has been boosted with the recruitment of some representative players and will be out in full force when taking on Hekari Wantoks and the game should be interesting. The second game will see Mungkas taking on last year’s runner ups Inter Uni FC. While Mungkas is the new kid on the block, Uni must have to avoid over confidence in their game plan.

Some tips for the weekend, in Port Moresby Mungkas to beat Uni Inter and Vats Yamaros will defeat Hekari Wantoks. In Lae, Bara FC to beat Wau and Poro to beat PNG Power.

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