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Reds focus on new season

To boost the club’s campaign in 2015 season and the OFC Champions League, the Southern Highlands team has embarked on a recruitment drive for local and international talent.

Losing Nigel Dabinyaba and Raymond Gunemba to Lae City Dwellers, Hekari retain bulk of its players with a few new players joining, Jamal Seeto and Jeremy Yasasa both from Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC, Emmanuel Simon recruited from Lae FC while Tommy Sammy and Emmanuel Airem from Besta United FC.

Simon is set to play alongside Hekari skipper David Muta in the centre, which would see the Reds with a local midfielder that can develop into a formidable combination.

The club also retained its Solomon Islands recruits in Joachim Waroi, Nicholas Muri, Tutizama Tanito and Alick Maemae.

The club trains hard, up to three hours for five days a week and believes that the team’s success for the last nine seasons is built on hard work, commitment to training, faith and discipline on and off the field.

Vonnie said she loves to see the competition in POM kicks off this weekend without another delay and begs NSL to work a little bit harder.

The club is also preparing for the OFC Champions League and is looking at recapturing the past glory.

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