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OFC/PNGFA President Arrives Home

PAPUA New Guinea Football president David Chung, for the first time, arrived in the country yesterday as Oceania Football Confederation president and FIFA vice president.

Chung was elected as OFC president in American Samoa last month and this is his first touchdown to Papua New Guinea as head of the Oceania football after the election.
His arrival sparked some curious onlookers who were wondering who he was and despite the low key welcome home ceremony, Chung was relieved to be back home.

Chung became the first PNGFA president to be elected to this high post. Not many may understand the magnitude of his achievement but those who follow football (soccer) it is the highest post in any confederation in the world and in this case it is the OFC.

“I am happy to be back and yes it’s an honour to be elected OFC president and I must say I am proud and privileged to represent PNG and take up this position,” Chung said.
“I am also proud to represent Oceania.” Chung knows it’s just the beginning of a long journey yet to come with challenges that need more determination from his crew and him.

Upon his arrival Chung said his main focus would be to bring solidarity and equality among all “Island Nations” and prove the region to the rest of the world that Pacific Islanders can play football“. We are on track with our OFC goals and now our main target is to improve the technical aspect of the game,” he said.

Chung said strengthening of professional national competitions in the Oceania — like PNG’s National Soccer League was one of the six key areas they have identified, including improving technical programs and education programs.

He said sustaining such competitions and their developments is also vital to OFC’s performance in future.“Now the rest of the island countries are watching PNG to see if we can lead the region through my appointment as president,” Chung said.

“We have a four year cycle to achieve these goals and now we are into two year cycle,” Chung said. He said there was still a lot of work to do but improving all these aspects will help make sure that OFC as a region can be respected in the World football map.

When asked about PNG’s football potential in the Oceania, Chung said: “PNG is on target, we are improving.
“I think we are almost half way through our goal, especially for our men’s team we have to have a competitive team for the Pacific Games.
“And the goal is to win a medal,” he said.

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