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New content rollout in POM

The workshop is being attended by 15 participants from primary and elementary schools in NCD with an almost equal representation of men and women from ten different schools – St. Johns Primary School, Bavaroko Primary School, Coronation Primary School, Taurama Primary School, Boreboa Primary School, June Valley Primary School, Evedahana Primary School, Eki Vaki Primary School, Noblet Elementary School and Sunrise Bethel Christian School.

Just Play Manageress, Margaret Aka, is leading the workshop with the support of development officers, Janet Toiveguwa and Gori Sioni.

The first day of the workshop covers health and social issues affecting young children. During the second day participants learn how to use football to address the social issues highlighted on day one. The final day see participant got themselves introduced to the basics of football coaching within the OFC education structure.

The content being delivered to participants has been developed from previous content which addressed basic football for young children aged 6-12 years old. The revised content in Just Play courses reinforces the principles introduced in previous training workshops but links to football development, health education and building community partnerships are highlighted as integral to the programme.

A teacher from Bavaroko Primary School, Ms Patricia Natuai said the new content is a curriculum oriented with most of the things learnt are already in the classroom and in- built within the teachers.

“Sometimes it is boring when teaching kids with lessons which are not integrated but through this program it is more integrated which it enhance my skills to confidently teach the kids the lessons from known to unknown were they can see the basics,” said Ms Natuai.

Ms Natuai said her task now is to get the awareness to her teachers to get them engage in this program to use it effectively in the classroom especially in their PE lessons.

OFC has worked closely with UEFA, the Australian Government – through its agencies AusAID and the Australian Sports Commission – Football Federation Australia and UNICEF to implement the programme across the Pacific. It was launched in Tonga and is now running in all 11 of the OFC Member Associations.

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