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Fernandes confident PNG will reach the target

OFC Consultant and Asia Pacific Football Academy Director of Football, Giovani Fernandes was in Port Moresby recently to under see the challenge, and the setup of the programme and was quite impress with the impact of the program in the capital.

He also had the opportunity to spend time with the coaches from the academy program and evaluate where they are in terms of the progress with the programs and provide support based on the assessment.

In an Interview with Fernandes about the progress of the program he said the training went well and it’s encouraging for him to see the coaches enforcing the concepts which the OFC is promoting and above all it’s good to see competition amongst the group.

“It is always a pleasure when collaborating with like-minded people who are willing to improve, develop and want to impact upon the next generation of players.”

Asking him about how he compares the approach in Lae and POM he said, it is ideal for him because they are actually following a similar line and approach in training. The players are in different stages of development because they started at different times but the coaching styles and philosophy is consistent which we are trying to promote.

“Ultimately for the players to develop, they need competition which in their training we create small environment within which they can compete against themselves, but in the future when we develop more competitions with more academies and centre of excellences being developed, from there we will encourage them to compete and strive to get better.”

“PNG is progressing which is encouraging and I’m confident we will reach the target at the right time,” said Fernandes.