Stars defeat Oro

Oro came down hard on Eastern Stars in the first half pushing hard for points in the opening minutes but Stars put up a good defence to deny them access.

Keeping their cool, Stars pushed back the Northern boys, however Oro stood their ground and took control of the ball.

Time was running out as the boys in blue continued to pressure Oro before the whistle went for half time. Eastern Stars came out after the break pushing harder than ever and were rewarded with their second goal.

Joseph Ealadona’s side, despite losing the core of their senior players who left to join other clubs, showed they cannot be underestimated when they netted their first goal but they had left their run too late to equalize.

Oro had several chances to score but failed to do so before allowing Stars to seal the result with a 3 – 1 score at full time. It was a good start for the teams taking part in the 2013 season.

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