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Draw for Besta PNG United Vs Petro Souths FC

Last weekend’s match played at the National Sports Institute in Goroka between Besta United FC and Petro South’s were tough though which saw the game finishing at draws from both sides.

The ball was on the South’s side but the boys from Lae maintained their stand defending all the ball work and passes coming from Petro Souths. Besta had some opportunities but they were unable to covert them into goals.

Though the ball was in Petro’s possession and tried to make good use of every opportunity, Besta wouldn’t let them cross over the boundary, attacking and defending all the attempts by Petro Souths. Before half Petro managed to score their first goal that did not go down well with Besta when the Foster coached boys equalize when Besta’s Freddy scored his first goal to bring the score to 1-1.

In the second half Petro Souths took broke through a gap and pushed the ball to Besta’s zone when it became a one on one challenge with the Besta goalie. Unfortunately Besta’s keeper was not able to save the ball and Petro’s player went on to score their second goal which brought their score to stand at 2-1.

The Lae boys fought hard with better defences this time, denying any further attempts by Petro Souths. This was when the top goal scorer Jamaal Seeto sinked his first goal of the match to equalize the score.

According to Besta Coach, Max Foster, the boys have improved a lot on their ball work and passes compared to their previous matches. “It wouldn’t have been a draw if our goalkeeper had stayed to stop the ball, he left the goalmouth to attack when the ball bounced off the ground and went in” he said.

With every attempt from both sides in the remaining minutes, both teams battled out each other. Attempted scoring on each side was unsuccessful when defending became tough. This went on to equalize the final score to 2-2

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