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Juffa behind soccer

“If we actually invest in soccer, the government should consider and create it as industry to allow more youths to participate and we can even export our players abroad,” Juffa said.

“We have a multitude of talent waiting for an opportunity,” he said.

“If we do have good soccer programmes, with more funding and assistants from the government and other stakeholders, I think soccer will go places in the region.”

The out spoken Oro Governor said a lot of franchises were struggling as it was not easy to maintain a team in a national competition.

He said the teams needed help from major sponsor Telikom and the government in terms of marketing.

“We could use soccer as a platform to address social issues such as illicit drugs, excessive alcohol and the unemployment issue affecting the youths of today, and soccer can be a platform to address those issues,” he said.

Juffa said Oro would continue to have a team in the semi-professional competition, because it brought pride and joy to the people of Oro.

Juffa encouraged all the provincial governors to support soccer or at least make an effort to support their soccer team so PNG could see soccer take off.

He thanked Telikom PNG, PNGFA and the National Soccer League for their work.

Meanwhile NSL board chairman Isaac Lupari commended Juffa for his consistent support for the NSL by fielding the team over the last two years.

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