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Just Play Program a success after the roll out to Lae

After the completition of the program early last month in Lae, the Just Play Program went through their monitoring and evaluation program of six weeks.

The Lae’s International school is one of the schools running the program who was visited last week by the program manager. The children at TISOL not only play football during the Just Play session but also use their recess time as an opportunity to play in the school premises. With their sky blue and blue uniforms the children rushed out of their classroom for a short session of football drills.

Just Play Manager, Taku Niebo who went for the evaluation and monitoring visit was asked by the Just Play Instructor, Paul Kaluvalu to pay a visit to the school and see how he was running the program last week Friday. The Program Manager was overwhelmed with the progress of the program when he found out how much the students have learnt during the six weeks implementation of the program in their school.

It proved that these enthusiastic students can now learnt alot through playing football with the equipments given to them by the Just Play Department.

Starting off the day’s session, the students were grouped into three groups as their volunteers and the manager himself giving them instructions on the drills they were going to go through. Supervised by their teachers, the students spent a good 30 minutes session on the dribbling and shooting skills, as they had a turn each to dribble to their markers and also learning how to shoot.

After going through the drills they played the usual small sided game of football beneath the midday sunshine on their grassy school lawn as the lunch time bell rang. The students could not get enough of the 30 minutes session and spent their lunch hour just playing soccer while their teachers supervised them as we were leaving the premises.

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