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Hekari stays ahead in the National Soccer League this season

The match which was deferred from last Saturday due to Hekari’s O- League commitment in Vanuatu had been evenly contested especially the champions giving chance to some of their young playeres to take the field while most of the experienced campaigners were rested. But the goal scored by Upaiga just about fifteen minutes before full timewas a perfect timeing aerial shot that could not save by Tukoko University’s goal keeper Marcellin Wagun that had spectators mumbling ‘goal of the century’.

The penalty kick was taken about 45 meters from the goal mouth and magical boots of Upaiga found the back of the net.

Koriak not only scored the winning goal but was instrumental in marring his opponents chances of converting goals when in possession of the ball within the Hekari territory.

He had the support of Daniel Joe and Nelson Joromo who replaced Emmanuel Popotai in the first half.

Tukoko University’s Gerald Lashel, Daniel Banaba, Armstrong Peka and Emmanuel Yawi until replaced by Gari Moka and Francis Yasasa respectively in the second half, tried in vain to find target despite severeal chances go begging in Hekari’s David Muta led by example commanding the ship from the mid field but nothing should not be taken away from Baniau who put up a strong performance denying several possible goals from his opponents.

Tukoko University following its disappointing loss at the hands of newcomers Morobe Mining Bulolo United in the opening match had the champions in their hands until the unfortunate mistake that led to the penalty.

Losing coach Harrison Kamake said the boys stuck to their game plan containing the bal in the midfield which paid off until unfortunate mistake misjudging of the ball by the keeper.

I am happy with the boys for holding Hekari scoreless to much part of the match , a better performance from our opening match”, Kamake said.

Hekari captain, Eric Komeng also commended the Tukoko boys for the hard effort and also giving Hekari the tough match. “We train hard for every new team we face each match and Tukoko came hard on us, giving a very challenging game”, said Komeng.

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