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Just Play breaks through to Teteh

Just Play manageress Margaret Aka said she was a bit hesitate visiting the community but upon that commitment she made for a change in Teteh community, she was so impress upon arrival to see kids coming in numbers with their parents and participating in Just Play activities.

“I have discussion with some youths who turn up that day and they were willing to be part of the programme helping little children in their community,” said Aka.

The community has a reputation for illegal activities but this will now be a thing of the past, with the introduction of Just Play, a football program to engage the children, giving them the opportunity to excel in life.

The struggle for a better life is apparent just by looking at the Teteh community youngsters. Most of them aren’t schooling for obvious reasons.

A primary school student Joan Ken said they face difficulties with water everyday but hope that through this program in the community people can get some awareness and help themselves in little ways.

Just Play is part of the Pacific Sports Partnership program which is funded by the Australian Government focuses on using football to support broader social development in youth through designed football related activities.

Children also learn to develop healthy lifestyle habits, encourage gender equality, promote social inclusion, insist on sports for all and become confident in their abilities.
There is deeper meaning to that with a community like this involved.

John Balg a parent was so happy to see kids in the community having fun and said its good teaching kids at an early age so that when they grow up their mindset will also change.
“For me I personally I believe that through this program Teteh will see change especially with our little one,” says Balg.

With the sizzling Port Moresby heat, the Teteh Community Oval went up in dust with enthusiastic football learners who brave the heat eager to show off their skills.

Just Play is the first sports development program to make a breakthrough and the community gratefully welcomes further development.

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