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Double Header in Lae in favour of visiting teams, Gigira Laitepo and Petro Souths.

In the first match of the Telikom National Soccer League Round 6, Petro South took the upper hand defeating NBS Tukoko Uni, 2-1 in a one sided affair. Gigira Laitepo Central Coast also proved too strong over Bulolo United in the second match at the Sir Ignatius Stadium on Saturday.

In the very entertaining game Gigira Laitepo Central kept their winning hopes alive by shutting out MMJV Bulolo 3-0 in a one-sided affair.

First half saw the two sides building up a very tight defense for their territories with each side making several attempts for the opening goal but could not make it through the backline being maintained.

Chances were created when Bulolo’s Naimen Gwiatep had a one on one situation with the keeper in the 19th minute but was saved comfortably in the penalty box. Gigira Laitepo pressed on, but with Bulolo’s tight defense, driving past their backline was not easy for the visiting team.

Thirty minutes into the first half and Gigira was now dominating the game but Bulolo cleared off the balls coming their way. The Central boys who played their first game on Morobe turf had the upper hand over the mining boys from Bulolo.

After a long struggle from both sides to score the first half came to and end with the half time score of nil all.
Three minutes into the second half and Central’s Tau Winnie took his shot 18 metres from the Bulolo’s goalmouth which found the back of the net.

Realising how hard the visiting team was going, the mining boys pressured on but Central maintained possession of the ball and could not give any opportunities for the home team. 77 minutes into the second half Tau managed to score his second goal of the game from taking a shot in the penalty box.

After scoring his second goal, Tau Winnie made sure his team goes back with happy smiles and finished off with his last goal in the dying minutes to wrap up the main game of the day with 3 goals to nil over MMJV Bulolo United.

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