Initiative lauded

Principal Paddy Kelly made the comments while welcoming members of the PNG Under-20 women’s team to the school’s West Goroka campus. Kelly said he had passion for two things in life — education and football.

Kelly, who has spent 25 years teaching in various capacities throughout the country, said his school was given the opportunity to host the young women footballers as they prepare for the World Cup in November in Port Moresby.

He said coach Lisa Cole was supportive of the programme, and was glad that the Goroka Grammar had provided the opportunity for the girls to attend school and train for representative duties.

Kelly said students spent two hours training before coming to school and were given special concessions to attend another three hours’ afternoon training which was more than enough for student footballers.

Football has been part of Kelly’s life and he is still coaching a club in the Goroka Soccer Association.

He said the soccer players had a big responsibility as students and footballers.

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