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PNG prepare for Pacific Youth & Sports Conference

Sports for development are a way to improve the lives of young people in our community.

OFC has come with a new approach to deliver the programs by organizing the Pacific Youth & Sports Conference for our young people to attend and interact with the other pacific nation’s youths to talk about issues affecting the Pacific Islander’s especially young people.

The first Pacific Youth & Sports Conference was staged in Tahiti in 2010 with over 1000 youths attending the conference and this year it will be in Noumea, New Caledonia from 2nd – 7th December. The conference will be based on four main themes; youth affairs, health, education, good governance and social inclusion in the community.

Papua New Guinea will be sending thirty youths from different sporting codes, different church groups and NGO’s around the country to participate in the conference.

“The preparation is good but often slow because most of the youths are living outside of Port Moresby and have been given application forms to register to prepare themselves prior to the travelling on December,” said Mr. Sere Kala Head of Delegation PNG Pacific Youth & Sports Conference.

Before the delegates depart they will be going through various orientation programs to prepare themselves for the conference in Noumea and talk about what they will put into practice in their respective communities upon return.

The youths will be involved in discussions to build their confidence in decision making at their level through their peer groups. Upon return to their respective communities they are fully equipped and capable of engaging in certain projects given their full understanding on the issues they need to address using sports as a platform.