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Chimbu Ground Breaking Ceremony

After four solid years of no proper football facility in the small township of Chimbu, yesterday, the newly elected OFC President/FIFA Vice President and PNGFA officially put spade to the ground to let the work begin on the construction of the soccer field at Gon Kambua Primary School, which is 5 minutes drive from the town centre.

Board Chairman and Headmaster Kua Mogia allocated the small piece of land to the local soccer association to construct the field last March. Also present at the ceremony was Kundiawa/Gembol MP Mek Teine.

President David Chung was welcomed by Kundiawa/Gembol MP Joe Mek Teine, Chimbu Governor Fr. John Garea, Simbu Soccer Association President Mrs Daina Ulka Uran and JDP Representatives for Kundiawa/Gembol.
Fr.John Garea challenged the sporting fraternity to use the funding that the government allocated wisely and also to provide financial reports.

MP Joe Mek Teine with the help of his Governor Fr. John Garea, said the government has not shown interest in football and now he has realized what the sport is doing for the people and the country and is now willing to support soccer in the area.

According Simbu Soccer Association President Mrs Diana Ulka Uran, a former soccer team captain, says all their matches have been played using the Dickson Rugby field. Soccer in the area was started with about 12 teams but due to facility problems interests from individuals dropped, resulting in teams dropping down to 6 teams.

”It has been very hard when it comes to using the field for our matches, other sporting codes are have been neglecting and rejecting us. It has always been a struggle for us” said President Uran.

As soon as the funds are available, work will be in progress to start constructing the field.
The surrounding community are very supportive of the initiative. Spokesperson also said the youth are really getting out of hand and this initiative will help a lot by engaging them to take part in the sports.
He encourage their youths to take part in sports as this is the only way to keep them busy.

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