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Public Servants Soccer competition wraps up pre- season

The winners of Public Servants Soccer competition can walk away K6, 000 richer including trophies if they play their cards right in the grand final which will take place this weekend.

The final will feature the top four women teams and five men teams in the qualification rounds. Top five men and top four women teams will have to fight hard for a place in the play offs. Losers of games will be eliminated.

In the women’s division, four top teams in each pool will play each other in the format of Pool A 1 vs. Pool B 4 while Pool A 2 takes on Pool B 3. Losers of the women’s qualifiers are also eliminated.

For the men’s final top five are as follows; Men A PNGIPA, Wantoks, Musa, Oro Mix and NPF. For men’s Pool B; Yamaros Lions, Kokoda Warriors, Tarangau, Buria and City United. Beware of the City United, they have been playing as Masters last season and they are threat to Yamaros and Wantoks.

In the women’s division, Pool A, Wantoks, Morata Swans, Oro Mix and Morata Roots while in Pool B Tarangau, Kokoda Warriors, NPF and Hohola

Winner of the men’s division will walk away with K3, 000 prize- money while second runner up settles on K1, 500. In team on third place will pick up K1, 000.00 and fourth placed team K500.00.

In the women’s division, K2, 000.00 goes to the finalist team, K1000.00 for the second place, third place will receive K600.00 and fourth place walks away with K400.00. There will also be trophies for all the participating teams

Trophies for the pre- season will be donated by MRDC and Mr & Mrs Natto.