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Welgris down Madang FC in Lae

United’s first goal in the first half came from Alex Kamen who placed an easy but forced ball from 18 yards over Madang goal keeper Sojo Mandarip who was outside of the goal mouth.

The second goal was from brilliant mid fielder and captain Elliud Fugre who took a powerful direct placing shot to claim the game for his team in the dying minutes.

The game was very tough in the first half but because United’s Fugre had enough backing, he overpowered Madang’s midfielder Samuel Kini.

As a result, Kini lost control of territory and the backline led Rodney Talau came under pressure as United’s striker Beechen Yanum, Kamen on the left flank and Markis Galmal from the right stormed the Madang goal consistently until half time.

MFUFC returned in hit form in the second half when Kini made use of opportunities to feed strikers Vanya Malagian and Max Sengum who fought back.

MFUFC tried hard in the dying minutes to score a goal when Andrew Apo came off the bench and backed Kini, Malagian and Sengum to storm Welgris but they were denied their attempts by the tight defence led by reliable Clement Peka.

Madang coach Bob Morris said he was not happy with the result but accepted the loss as they were looking forward to improving speed and ball control when they take on Lae City Dwellers this weekend in Madang.

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