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The top four teams that to play in the National Champions League are PKA Rapatona, MRDC Hekari United, Welgris Morobe United and Lae City Dwellers.

The draw that starts this weekend was put in a box and pick up by the members of the NSL board. PKA Rapatona was picked as team number 1, Hekari was team 2, Welgris Morobe was picked as number 3 and Lae City Dwellers as team 4.

According to the six weeks draw the first game – on February 20 – will be played between team 1 and 2 which is a Southern Conference home game and team 3 and 4 which is a Northern Conference home game.

NSL competition manager Simon Koima said now that the decision on the appeal by Erema FC had been made the top four teams would advance to the National Champions League to complete the 2015-2016 season.

“After the decision we have informed Erema and they have accepted our decisions so they would be no disruptions until the final on March 19,” he said.

Koima said for the third and fourth teams would have no play-offs but would be given their prizes.


Game 1 (20/02/2016)
– PKA Rapatona vs MRDC Hekari United – Bisini
– Welgris Morobe United vs Lae City Dwellers – SIK

Game 2 (24/02/2016)
– MRDC Hekari United vs PKA Rapatona – Bisini
– Lae City Dwellers vs Welgris Morobe United – SIK

Game 3 (27/02/2016)
– PKA Rapatona vs Lae City Dwellers – Bisini
– MRDC Hekari United vs Welgris Morobe United – Bisini

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