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A victory win for Eastern Stars

The NSL Round 12 match held at the Pom Rugby League oval was described as a very physical match today. Petro Souths FC took on Eastern Stars FC whos currently sitting on the second spot.

In the first half of the match Eastern Stars first applied pressure with attempt to score the opening goal was save by Petro Souths keeper with assistance from the Petro’s backs. The boys from Petro Souths sends the ball back to Eastern Stars territory but Eastern Stars backs stops the ball and takes over the Petro’s possession.

In the 20th minute, Eastern Stars took the penalty kick to which went straight to the Petro goalmouth but Petro Souths goalie saves the ball easily. Eastern Stars made another attempt in the 27th minute and this time they made the opening goal from Eastern Stars, Fabian Bagi bringing the score to 1 nil.

The Eastern boys came again with few more attempts to score but with Petro Souths physical defense, it was unsuccessful. With more pressure Eastern Stars were putting on Petro Souths, the

3 minutes before half time and Eastern Stars Fabian Bagi scored Eastern Stars second goal in the first half and the score stands 2 nil in favor of Eastern Stars. The remaining minutes was a challenge because both teams have tough defences and scoring was difficult when the half time whistle was blown. The score remained at
2 nil and Petro Souths were yet to score.

In the second half Eastern Stars gave more and more pressure but Petro Souths stood bravely and made every attempts a struggle for Eastern Stars. With all the struggles and attempts by Petro Souths strikers in the first half and in the first few minutes in the second half, they finally broke the silence with their first goal in the 54th minute when from the supporters shouted with excitement. The score came to 2-1.

Eastern Stars came harder this time when they dribbled right into the goal box to give a easy goal but too good was the Souths goalkeeper who saves it.

Eastern Stars took a corner kick from the left but misses and the ball goes over the goalmouth. They again missed another certain goal when Eastern Stars captain Cyril Muta threw in to his team mate when the Petro Souths keeper saved the ball.

There was much time for both teams to score few more goals but defences were strong resulting in no goals scored until full time when the score stood 2-1 in favour of Eastern Stars.

Meanwhile in Lae’ s match, the game between Gigira Laitepo and Besta PNG United , Gigira Laitepo had a victory lead over Besta PNG nil, while in Madang, Tukoko FC defeated the home team by 3-2.

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