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Hekari goes down to Koloale, 2-1

The O-League kicked off with a minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake in New Zealand

In the first few minutes of the play was well the belt of Hekari United as it soon became clear that they wanted to take the early goal. They took the first corner kick by Neil Hans but Samson Takayama was able to pick out the clearance header. Hekari United made sure Koloale were pinned down inside their own half which resulted in Koloale struggling to get the ball out.

In the 28 minutes, Koloale managed to take possession of the ball, takeing it to Hekari’s territory when they won a corner kick. Benjamin Totori on the right took the kick, but Hekari’s defenders made a comfortable clearance

Hekari’s Koriak Upaiga wins a throw for Hekari in the 28 minute but Koloale wins back the ball and they made their run through the middle which was quickly shut down just past the halfway mark. Mostyn Beui pushes in a long pass for Totori but the Koloale forward didn’t make a chase, leaving the ball to roll safely to Hekari United defenders who picked up the ball.

Forty eight minutes went by and Henry Fa’arado took the first shot of the day but it sailed hight above the cross bar for the Koloale goal kick. Seven minutes later, Totori then tries to dribble past Hekari’s defender who stood his ground and wins the ball from his opponent turning the attack back on Koloale.
A throw-in for Hekari United and the pushed forward resulted in them winning a corner kick after Shadrack Ramoni fumbled the ball and it rolls over the goal line. Fa’arodo sends in the corner kick and Alvin Singh tries to get on the end but the Koloale defenders cleared easily through George Suri.

They then won another throw in in their own half after Koriak Upaiga kicks the ball out but the throw was not used well as Hekari’s defenders pressured to win back the possession. Fa’rado tried another shot after winning the ball from Beui from outside the 18 yard box but Koloales Ramona made the save.

Beui tries his luck again and this time and this time, he scores the opening goal when Totori sets him up in a 3 on 1 situation with the Hekari’s keeper, bringing the score to stand at 1-nil in their favour.

Five minutes into the second half and Hekari claims a free kick when Totori beats Setefano with some fancy footwork but the return pass from Paia puts him in an offside position. In the 60th minute, Hekari’s captain, David Muta takes a corner kick from the right but was cleared off by Koloale. Another follow up comes from Muta moments later but Ramoni makes the save on the second attempt.

In the 65th minute, Hekari United kept Koloale on the edge as they look for the equaliser, unfortunately Koloale’s midfielder send the ball into Hekari’s goalmouth after Totori sets up Beui on the right. That increased the score to stand 2-nil in favour of Koloale. Hekari gain control and turned back the attack in their favour when Koloale had a poor support from far side to Nawo. Hekari United maintain pressure on Koloale in their own half and captain Muka gives a shot but the ball goes out for a goal kick.

Two minutes after George Suri was given his marching orders after a nasty tackle on Tiwa, Hekari managed to score their first goal through Manuca who connects with a lucky drop of the ball inside Koloale penalty box when he sends the ball into the back of the net.

After Hekari United’s first goal, they pushed hard on Koloale back into their own half to equalize as the home side struggles to make up for the deficit in numbers. With all the pressure from both sides, attempts to score was unsuccessful.

Two additional minutes was given when Hekari took a corner kick but Koloale’s defenders scambles the ball out. Koloale won a throw in in the dying minute and try to use up time by passing the ball back and forth when the final whistle was blown.