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Tablebirds puts support behind PNGFA

As part of the agreement Tablebirds, a member of the Mainland Holding Group, will provide chicken and flour for the PNGFA Football Academy at 11 Mile in Lae to assist with the dietary requirements of the Besta Development programme, Elite youth programmes, national teams and educational course participants.

The company’s branch in Lae will supply the academy with goods on a monthly basis for the next 12 months and PNGFA is most grateful for the invaluable support for its players and programmes.

The support and assistance is another boost for PNGFA with another sponsor recognising the impact the association has made on young people in the country with its development and elite programmes.

The 2015 Go 4 Gold programme highlights the level of commitment from all to achieving the target of double gold for both senior football teams. The Tablebirds support is a major step in the right direction in terms of assisting with the diet and nutrition of the players.

“Niugini Tablebirds is the leading distributor of premium quality chickens grown in PNG. This is reflected in our tag line “No 1 Kakaruk bilong PNG”. The company is pleased to support and associate with PNGFA and the world game for the development of the largest football code in PNG,” said Mr Schofield who is the Sales, Marketing & Export Manager for Niugini Tablebirds.

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