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Papua New Guinea 4-1 Cook Islands

See the play-by-play action below.

Papua New Guinea: 1. Fidelma WATPORE (GK), 4. Judith GUNEMBA, 5. Carolyn OBI, 8. Fatima RAMA, 9. Deslyn SINIU (c), 10. Sandra BIRUM, 12. Meagen GUNEMBA, 13. Daisy WINAS, 14. Dorcas SESEVO, 17. Marie KAIPU, 19. Talitha IRAKAU

Substitutes: 2. Michealla KURABI, 3. Yvonne GABONG, 6. Grace STEVEN, 7. Barbara MUTA, 11. Georgina KAIKAS, 15. Zeen LIMBAI, 16. Cathy SAMSON, 18. Rumona MORRIS, 20. Lace KUNEI (GK)
Coach: Gary PHILLIPS [AUS]

Cook Islands: 1. Imelda VAKAI (GK), 2. Linade UNUKA, 5. Edwina MATENGA, 6. Jennifer AKAVI, 7. Lee MAOATE-COX, 8. Marissa IROA, 9. Liz HARMON, 10. Mama HENRY, 11. Dayna NAPA, 14. Tayla HETHERINGTON, 17. Tekura URARII

Substitutes: 3. Moeroa HARMON, 4. Rai NGANU, 12. Tepaeru TOKA, 13. Marielle TIARE, 18. Mii PIRI
Coach: Jimmy KATOA [COK]

Match Officials
Referee: George TIME [SOL]
Assistant Referee 1: Nagarita JIMMY [SOL]
Assistant Referee 2: Lata KAUMATULE [TGA]
Fourth Official: Finau VULIVULI [FIJ]

The match kicks off.

2′ Papua New Guinea break goalwards through Maegan Gunemba but Jennifer Akavi boots clear to touch

3′ Linade Unuka does well to win the ball in the back and boots upfield

4′ Papua New Guinea keeper Fidela Watpore comes well out of her box under pressure from Dayna Napa before booting upfield

4′ Through ball from Papua New Guinea to Meagen Gunemba but the 2014 OFC U-20 Golden Ball winner is caught offside

5′ Papua New Guinea win a free kick just inside Cook Islands half

6′ Massive sliding tackle from Mama Henry on her goalline to shut down the swift advance of Gunemba

7′ Great passing play up the left from Papua New Guinea before it’s loped over the defence for Fatima Rama to chase

9′ Gunemba cuts inside her marker and shoots but sends it just outside the upright

9′ Unuka and Napa combine, but there’s noone in the middle for Cooks with the cross comes in

10′ Gunemba goes 1v1 with Imelda Vakai and tries to chip but just hits the keeper

10′ Cook Islands counter up the right, Napa delivers from just outside the area and is denied the opener by inches

11′ The delivery is just over the head of Lee Moate Cox at the back, Rama is on but takes a touch too many before shooting allowing Vakai to shut down the options

12′ Short corner from Papua New Guinea, it’s just outside the box and Daisy Winas shoots off her left just over the cross bar

15′ Talitha Irakau cuts inside Tayla Hetherington and sends a punt over the defence but it runs to Vakai

16′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1-0 Cook Islands Sandra Birum taps in at the far post after some defensive miscommunication from the Cook Islands

19′ Cook Islands with a corner, Henry comes forward to take

20′ Papua New Guinea turnover the corner effort and make a fast counter, it’s all the way to Gunemba who shoots but Vakai has it covered

21′ Gunemba with a flick on to Daisy Winas but Maoate-Cox intercepts

22′ Captain Takura Urarii boots to touch under pressure from Birum

23′ It’s Henry to touch this time with Rama on her back

25′ Deslyn Siniu is calm at the back with Napa bearing down and flicks behind to Dorcas Sesevo who clears

26′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 2-0 Cook Islands An unfortunate bounce for Vakai allows Meagen Gunemba to see the ball over the line for Papua New Guinea’s second

29′ Henry deliver sinto the box and its cleared for the counter. Gunemba on the counter attack, she takes two touches before the shot and it’s off Vakai into the cross bar. The follow up is also off the cross bar and Cook Islands are out of danger

Thew referee stops the game for a water break.

36′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 3-0 Cook Islands Gunemba is the finisher on a string of near misses from Papua New Guinea as they flood the penalty area with players

41′ Papua New Guinea play out from the back looking for passage through the midfield

43′ Cook Islands win the ball but once again just boot upfield to the waiting Papua New Guinea defence to collect

44′ Gunemba collects as she races between two defenders, you can see what she wants to do but she pulls it just outside the target

45′ Great clearance from Maoate-Cox under pressure from Gunemba

45′ + 2′ Unuka leaves the field for treatment

45′ + 3′ Hetherington deliver wide right for Liz Harmon who does well on the chase

45′ + 4′ Marie Kaipu beats a couple of defenders in the box before shooting but Vakai has it covered

The first half comes to a close

46′ Cook Islands get the second half underway

47′ Papua New Guinea handover possession deep in Cook Islands territory

49′ Cook Islands have numbers up front as Henry is sent running up the left, but the Papua New Guinea defence rally to prevent a shot

51′ Unuka finds Napa up front, who delivers wide for an arriving Liz Harmon who can’t quite keep pace with the ball

53′ Maoate-Cox does well to stay on her feet before delivering a fine ball up to Napa. The ball pops out to Henry who shoots from distance but her effort is just over

54′ Another delivery from Maoate-Cox to Napa who is shouldered off by Sinui allowing keeper Watpore to collect

56′ Edwina Matenga tries to find Harmon out wide but they can’t connect

58′ Decent delivery from the left foot of Unuka but falls perfectly to a waiting Watpore

60′ Hetherington with a steal in the middle, lays off to Napa who turns into Dorcas Sesevo

61′ Napa crashes into Watpore but both players get to their feet

61′ Napa and Unuka bear down on an approaching Watpore, the keeper goes down and Unuka tries to get off a shot – Watpore is injured in the process

62′ The Papua New Guinea goalkeeper continues to receive treatment

64′ Watpore returns to her feet and the match resumes

66′ Winas beats past two defenders before putting in a cross which is whipped away by Akavi

66′ SUBSTITUTION: Cook Islands bring Rai Nganu on in place of Tayla Hetherington

67′ Winas is on with a shot but she flicks it over the target

69′ Sesevo covers as Watpore comes to the edge of the box to capture

71′ Maoate-Cox muscles Gunemba off the ball as the striker goes in search of another goal

71′ Unuka with a low attempt off her left but she pulls it wide of the upright

72′ YELLOW CARD: Fatima Rama is cautioned for a challenge that leaves keeper Vakai requiring treatment

77′ Henry finds Rai Nganu out wide but with no support the Cook Islander is soon relieved of possssion

78′ Maoate-Cox with an inspiring run through the middle weaves past two opponents before delivering for Napa, but Watapore is ready

81′ Napa is sent upfield but it’s one against three so she does well to win a throw in

82′ SUBSTITUTION: Cook Islands bring Liz Harmon off and replace her with Tepaeru Toka

84′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 4-0 Cook Islands Meagen Gunemba scores into an empty net after Vakai’s failed attempt to close her down

84′ SUBSTITUTION: Obi is replaced by Yvonne Gabong and Sandra Birum is replaced by off Georgina Kaikas for Papua New Guinea.

85′ YELLOW CARD Dorcas Sesevo is cautioned after she takes out Dayna Napa in the box

89′ SUBSTITUTION: Zeen Limbai replaces Gunemba for Papua New Guinea

89′ SUBSTITUTION: The injured Napa is replaced by Marielle Tiare

90′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 4-1 Cook Islands Lee Maoate-Cox is rewarded for a standout afternoon in defence with a goal from the penalty spot

90′ + 1′ Unuka is pushed off the ball by Judith Gunemba and Cook Islands are lining up a free kick 15m off the top of the area. Henry takes but sends it over

90′ +3′ Cook Islands
are applying plenty of pressure on the PNG defence but they’re yet to make a mistake

90′ + 4′ A soft shot from Toka doen’t test Watpore

90′ + 5′ Toka with a challenge on Irakau concedes a free kick

90′ + 6′ Rama crosses in from the right but it comes right across and out the other side for Nganu toclear out

90′ + 6′ Rama pushes Maoate-Cox clear off the ball to concede a free kick when Papua New Guinea are on attack

The final whistle sounds

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