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Draw for Besta Vs Hekari in yesterday’s match.

PNG United central defender Roland Bala is rueing his over celebrations of the Seeto goal, and was given yellow card for the second time in the match for taking shirt off and was sent off the field.

His place in the centre became a big void and the taller Hekari forwards capitalised with Fiji import Tuimasi Manuca towering over the Besta defence to connect Iniga and the back of the net.

Besta midfielder Emmanuel Simon was also shown the yellow card for taking his shirt off in the Seeto goal celebration. Bala’s exit was all Hekari needed to penetrate the central defence with Bala’s absence they were able to score.

Other than that Besta United kept Hekari flat out with Seeto, Simon and young Jacob Sabua running rings around the Hekari defence. Besta’s defence was tenacious and they had Hekari under the pump thoughout the match and the only Hekari player that had the better of the Besta defence was Koriak Upaiga.

A Seeto header in the 88th minute had the Hekari bench gasping for breath, after the ball beat Hekari keeper but it shaved the post and went out. Sabua also ruined an opportunity when he should have passed the ball to an unmarked Seeto with only the goalkeeper to beat.

Hekari sharp shooter Kema Jack had to contend with Bala, who kept him very quite throughout the match and was replaced by Mathias Apo, with Iniga moving up front. That move paid when Iniga connected with his head to draw the ledger.

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