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Trio Instructors off to Tonga for Futuro III course.

The course will be conducted by the Oceania Refereeing Assistance Programme team, which consists of referee development officer Massimo Raveino (Tahiti), instructor Neil Poloso (Solomon Islands) and fitness trainer Kader Touati (France).

PNG Football Association Referees Instructors Jimmy Warai, Salaiau Sosongan and Hillary Ani will be participating in the coming Futuro course which be held in Tonga in February.

The three instructors have already attended their first Futuro course last year in Tahiti and are looking forward to that in Tonga come February.

The purpose of attending the course is to broaden their knowledge in any changes that may have taken around the world in the Laws of the Game and also how trainings are conducted.

Participants from all eleven OFC member associations will be in attendance and will be provided with the opportunity to develop and hone their skills.

According to the trio referees is it an opener which we have learnt alot and this will be a big bonus for us.

“We are previledged to be part of the course as over the years, rules and Laws of the Game have changes and how trainings are conducted.” said Salaiau Sosongan

Along with classroom theory sessions and exercises, the referee instructors will be required to run through practical coaching and education skills on the pitch in a series of drills involving local players and referees.

OFC places high importance on developing world-class match officials and in 2008 referee development received a huge boost thanks to the introduction of the FIFA-funded Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP).

Under the umbrella of the FIFA Development Office, RAP is staffed by Raveino, Poloso and Touati. The programme aims to prepare referees for international competitions, particularly the FIFA World Cup, and to develop referees in each of the member associations through scouting and education.

The three referees leaves for Tonga via New Zealand on Monday afternoon.

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