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New content extends to Kimbe

Just Play manageress Margaret Aka opened the workshop on Monday and introduced the new content to the participants from schools and communities within Kimbe town.

Attending the workshop were 18 participants, four of which were females. Leading the workshop was PNGFA Technical Director Taku Niebo with support from Just Play manageress Magaret Aka.

The workshop began on Monday and concluded on Wednesday with a mini festival involving 30 kids from Harrison SDA Primary school.

The first day of the workshop covered health and social issues affecting young children.

During the second day participants learned how to use football to address the social issues highlighted on day one. The final day saw participants introduced to the basics of football coaching within the OFC education structure.

The content being delivered to participants has been developed from previous content which addressed basic football for young children aged 6-12 years old. The revised content in Just Play courses reinforces the principles introduced in previous training workshops but links to football development, health education and building community partnerships are highlighted as integral to the programme.

The participants where also presented after the workshop with Just Play sporting kids to assist them in running the program back in their schools and communities.

Mr Robert Apaita from Saint Monica elementary school said he feels so glad to be part of the programme because, without a sports background, attending the programme has helped him learn so many things to help develop young kids.

“I think that the new content is so beneficial to help change the lifestyle of all young children in the school, communities, province and country as a whole,” Apaita said.

“My plan now when returning back to my school is to develop kids to be better players and responsible citizens in the school and in the communities.”

Flavia Kariva of Gigo primary school a teacher and a soccer player herself said she’s so fortunate to attend the workshop.

“There will be a stage when I will be stopped from playing active football and to help young children developing them to be a better footballer, that will be a great achievement,” said Kariva.

“For me I see that the new content involves the four component of life which we not only teach kids to play soccer but also develop their physical development, spiritual life, mental fitness and get to socialise together.”

OFC has worked closely with UEFA, the Australian Government – through its agencies AusAID and the Australian Sports Commission – Football Federation Australia and UNICEF to implement the programme across the Pacific. It was launched in Tonga and is now running in all 11 of the OFC Member Associations

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