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PNGFA to adopt FIFA licensing system

The main objective of the one day workshop was to inform NSL franchise owners and interested franchise owners about the introduction of the FIFA Club Licensing System in PNGFA that will introduce a set of minimum criteria into regional and domestic competitions from 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Nineteen members of the current and interested NSL Clubs attended the workshop at Ela Beach Hotel.

The members attending the workshop were pleased that the competition was taking a progressive approach.

All current franchise owners and interested franchise owners said all they want is to see the code improve and this was one way the goal could be realised.

FIFA’s Club Licensing System is based on five key criteria: sporting, personnel and administrative, financial, infrastructure and legal. These criteria aim to safeguard the credibility and integrity of club competitions while improving the level of professionalism within the football family and promoting transparency in the finances, ownership and control of clubs.

The club licensing at confederation and subsequently at member association level is a long-term process in which the objective is to provide essential requirements and minimum standards to further enhance club football competitions.

At the end of this process, the benefits for clubs, leagues and member associations are numerous: higher level of club management, better level of home-grown players, higher level of play, increase of fans and revenues, and ultimately, better level of the national team.

The FIFA Club Licensing System will raise the level of club football, both on and off the pitch, and represents a long-term development tool for FIFA member associations.

“We are organising this workshop to raise awareness about the significance of club licensing and the benefits it brings to club football, especially as a development tool for national football in Papua New Guinea,” said James Johnson, FIFA’s Senior Manager of Member Associations.

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