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Meri Futbol inspires girls

The Meri Futbol competition in Goroka Football Association helped create interest in football from young girls in the surrounding communities in Goroka town.

Goroka Football Association president Cathy Agunam said since kicking off the competition it has given the young girls an activity to look forward to, and an avenue to put their energies into.

“I thought that the competition has been successful in developing and delivering quality youth football to girls at young age to build their interest and also create pathways for future stars. It is also another way of promoting a fun and family-oriented atmosphere,” Agunam says.

The Meri Futbol ended with the grand final played between Guria FC and Cross Roads FC which saw Guria FC edge out Cross Road 2-0 to claim the top honour.

Twelve-year-old Holeejay Agunam who attends Goroka Grammer School received the award for best player in the competition.

Young Agunam said she was happy PNGFA had taken the initiative to start the Meri Futbol competition.

“In the past we all stayed in our own yards and did not mix with each other. The competition has given us young girls a reason to get to know each other and expose our talent,” the younger Agunam says.

Meri Futbol has had an effect in the community with 14 clubs and 100 young girls participating and many more young girls had shown interest and this was encouraging.

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