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Futsal kick-off nears

The Event – the second consecutive Invitational futsal tournament known as the Don Bosco League which is run by Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) and sanctioned by PNGFA will feature four divisions, Under 12, Under 19, Mix and Open Men’s with 10 teams per division.

Before shaking things up to introduce and familiarise the game to the people here, a futsal coaching course will be held at DBTI from August 31st to 4th September.

The course aims at educating and developing future futsal coaches in the country by providing the latest information on the Laws of the Game, development techniques and tactics.

The five days course will be led by OFC Futsal and Beach Soccer Development Officer Paul Toohey.

With the knowledge attained from this course the coaches are going to be responsible for training and producing more men’s and women’s futsal players while at the same time grow the sport in the country.

Focus of the game now is in Port Moresby but as it gets bigger and more people get involved and familarise with it, the game will go out to other provinces in the country with the aim of having more participation.

Futsal has an important role in developing football players because of the particular qualities, speed and skills.

DBTI Sports Coordinator Francis Banania said it is good to have these good coordination and partnership with PNGFA to develop the game to our youths to learn and benefit from for their future.

“Here in Don Bosco we believe that soccer can give more in learning the values and for Don Bosco what is important is the values because Don Bosco believes the soul of these young players are very important,” said Banania

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