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Tabubil full of hidden talents

Every players playing in the Tabubil Soccer Association from the development path to seniors have all the qualities to compete outside if given the opportunity.

With a visit to the association last weekend by PNGFA Southern Region Coordinator Simon Koima he was surprise to see the level of football skills displayed by the players and was quite impress.

Supporter and Spectators stood with mouths wide open while others stared in worshipful silence. It may have seemed like an overnight success story but the reality could not have been further from the truth.

Tabubil Soccer Association has raw and natural talent however what is missing is standards at managing competitions, teams and players and also the appropriate infrastructure for the sport to prosper.

Koima encourages players to abstain from drugs and alcohol, and concentrate in their football career.

Tabubil Soccer Association have three divisions with over 2000 players and the three divisions is made up of U17, women’s premier, men’s premier A and men’s premier B.

Under the presidency of Tom Joshua Kayengkim with his executives the aim of the association now is to have one or two players in Tabubil Soccer Association playing in the semi-professional competition, the National Soccer League.

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