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FIFA LOC meets with Venue stakeholders

Chief Executive Officer of the PNG Sports Foundation Peter Tsiamalili said, there is only six months before the tournament and the constant dialogue with the LOC will ensure that his team brings the venues up to FIFA standard requirements.

“This is a partnership and we need to work together to deliver the tournament, so it’s really a collective effort,” he said.

The tournament will be held in Port Moresby at these 4 stadiums, the Sir John Guise Stadium, National Football Stadium, Bava Park Mini Stadium and the PNG Football Stadium. 16 training sites have also been identified and are being prepared for the 16 participating nations who will be competing.

It is estimated that 560 players and officials will be in the country for the event. Five hotels in the city will be accommodating the players including technical officials during the tournament.

LOC Chief Executive Officer Seamus Marten said, this is going to be the biggest sporting event that will ever be broadcast from Papua New Guinea.

“There’ll be over 124 million television viewers from 100 countries watching the tournament from Papua New Guinea and this is our opportunity to showcase PNG.

He said the LOC is to ensure that PNG is ready to host a great FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup come November and this is our chance to show the world we can.

There are people who doubt we can deliver the tournament but I can tell you that if there’s anywhere that can deliver a tournament at such limited time, it’s Papua New Guinea,” Marten said.
A number of key milestone events are expected to be launched in the lead up to the tournament which includes the launch of the official mascot, the volunteer program, ticket sales and the trophy tour.

Meanwhile, the LOC will be using the OFC Nations Cup which will be hosted in Port Moresby from 28 May to 11 June as a test event in preparation for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Papua New Guinea 2016 will be held from 13 of November to the 3 of December.

Story courtesy of LOC Media & Communication

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