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Yamaros hold Crusaders to 1-1 draw

It was a tight affair under watchful eyes of referee Job Minan who made sure contest was played hard but clean with no unnecessary fouls. Yamaros came down hard on Crusaders with Rumona and Georgina Kaikas looking for points in the opening half but their shots went begging.

Northern Crusaders stood their ground, regrouped and charged forward putting Yamaros defender Elaine Lema under pressure when she scored her own goal in the 38th minute. Yamaros came back searching for an equalizer but it was too late when the referee sends them out for a break.

Trailing 1 -0 at half time Yamaros came out pushing harder than ever took control of the ball and force their way towards Crusaders territory but the girls in white put up a solid defence.

With several unsuccessful attempts Yamoros this time desperately need an answer when Georgina Kaikas cross a good corner to found Rumona Morris to finish it off with a header in the 51st minute.

Time was running out as the two teams struggling to finish on top but the opportunities went begging.

Counting down on the dying minutes both side could not score when the whistle went off for full time with the final result 1-1.