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Another day of fun with the children of Boreboa Primary School

Upon arrival, students collected rubbish as part of the Social Responsibility program of keeping the environment clean. They were then taken into technical dribbling and shooting skills where a player from each line dribbles to the shooting cone line. The defender who stays at the shooting cone line tries to defend any attacker and also challenges any player.

After going through the drills with their teacher and the Just Play team, the excited grade 2 children were asked to get into three groups for a football game organised by the Just Play Team. The excited boys and girls took part in a small sided game of football to finish off the session.

According to Boreboa teacher, Lincy Ian, the children know soccer but learning the new skills seem to be a new thing to them and they are always keen to learn when the Just Play team shows up at the school.

“Play Play Program is doing well in our school and we would like to take more from the program.” said Mrs. Ian.

Since the OFC grass-roots programme was introduced in Papua New Guinea, they have had two Just Play festivals in of Port Moresby, with the recent being held in September, involving children from the twelve schools running the program.

As part of the Social Responsibility program, children also displayed drawings and took part in activities to showcase how much they have learnt to treat malaria in the community, promoting healthy living.

With the program heading into its third phase Just Play is expected to produce some good football players in the next few years if the teachers continue to promote football to young children in their schools using the Just Play Program.

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