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FIFA playstation giving Papua New Guinea a chance

This will be an opportunity for football fans in Port Moresby to play the FIFA12 PS3 Playstation.

The PNG competition will start at 9am to 3pm at the Vision City Mall at Waigani Drive on Sunday 28th January.

OFC TV head Olivier Huc and his assistant Tui Kay Cole who arrived on Wednesday said the PS3 FIFA12 were online games played around the globe but only those people with internet connection for online gaming.

The winners of the competition will compete against the winners from Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Tahiti, They have already found the winner from Tahiti when the competition kicked off in December last year.

Mr. Huc said there would be 32 players taking part in the competition to find the winner to represent Papua New Guinea who would be going onto the next round of the competition against winners from the Oceania region in New Zealand which will be hosted in April this year.

It is the matter of first come- first serve with free registration. The opportunity is there for the Playstation fans who want to try their skills to win and represent the country.

After staging the event in Papua New Guinea, the OFC team will visit two more island countries in the pacific before heading back to New Zealand for the last compeition before the semi finals is held.

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