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IPA supports Poreporena Football League

Poreporena Football League was formed in March 2014 as a result of the increasing interest by the communities residing along the Moresby-South and North-West coastline participated in the private cup sponsored by the Khalcharm Football Club with the aim to promote friendly community relationships through sports, promote soccer in the Motuan areas, Identify and develop young talent in the field of soccer and promote local talented men and women.

The League has adopted and developed on the Khalcharm Football Club aims and ambition to achieve passions, aspirations and dreams of the many youths for the soccer game in the Motu coastline areas.

Eighty percent of the youths participating in the Poreporena Football League are unemployed and have been involved in illicit drugs and home brewing causing social havoc in the communities. The private cup competition has greatly changed their attitudes and hence drastically reduced the social delinquency.

Under the auspices and management of the Khalcharm Football Club, presided by the Interim President of Poreporena Football League Ms Margaret Kaheu, the association was formed. The Association has 10 registered clubs comprising of three divisions in each club which totalled 30 teams.

However, with dreams and anticipations to develop and promote football in the Motuan coastline areas saw Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) present one thousand kina to support the association in pursuing their dreams.

The cheque presentation was done at the IPA conference room by Director-IPA Corporate Services Division Ms Anna Marikawa to Team manager and Coach Mr Tamet Kaheu.

Upon presenting the cheque Ms Marikawa wishes the association all the success in its sporting endeavours and hope to see them progress far in their competitions.

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