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PNG qualify for the women’s final after defeating Fiji 4-0.

Several attempts were unsuccessful in the opening minutes where in once accession, Ramona Morris loops the ball over the back to give Ara Midi a one- on- one opportunity, fourteen minutes into the first half but Fiji’s keeper; Matelita Vuakoso saved the first attempt safely.

After failing to score several times, Ramona made another attempt in the 17th minute just after Chalau’s shot, and this time she made an incisive run into the box and shows composure beyond her years to slot the ball past the Fijian goalkeeper, into the goalmouth. PNG side leads the first half with 1 goal over Fiji.

Ara Midi after receiving the ball managed to take her shot somehow after struggling of no angle to work with in the 23rd minute but again Fiji keeper saved the shot. She tried again three minutes later in a thick of the action going closer to scoring with her second shot just inside the box but was unsuccessful second time around.
The game became challenging as the time was slowly wrapping up with both sides struggling to create chances but no one could easily get any even though there were three minutes additional time given.

The aim of scoring their second goal was the aim when Ramona Morris made her way in an attempting the 52nd minute to shoot in Fiji’s territory but was caught off sided for the move by the referee.
In the 60th minute, Fiji’ Sofi Diyalowai almost collected a clever though ball inside the box but with Linda Bunaga, being smart in watching their opponents game movement, she was already there to save the ball before Sofi of Fiji could make her next move.

Sandra Birum after failing to score in her previous attempts made it possible in the 76th minute after receiving a pin-point cross from team mate Miriam Lanta. The score remained on PNG’s 2-nil. Two minutes later she headed her team another goal to bring the score to stand 3-nil after Janie Nori sends the balls in from an in swinging corner kick.
Birum again completes and also finished in the 81st minute with her last hat-trick with an almost exact replica of the previous goal, connecting once again with Nori’s corner.
PNG will play New Caledonia in the finals to hold onto their title as Pacific Games Soccer Queens if they win New Caledonia on Friday.

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