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Southern Region Besta FA Cup

Teams participating in the Southern Region Besta FA Cup includes Koupa Soccer Association, the host NCD Public Servants Soccer Association and Hekari Soccer Association from the Soutern Highlands Province.

Kicking off the programme Senior Vice President, John Kapi Natto made an opening speech infront of the three partipating teams. He says the tournament is an opportunity for them to take part and prove they have the talents to play football.

PSSA and Hekari played the opening game starting at 11am. NCDC PSSA, being th host team took Hekari lightly in the first half while Hekari on the other side started tough. Scoring from NCDC PSSA was a struggle as the boys from Hekari kept their goalmouth shield and cleared every attempts by PMSSA.

Beating Hekari’s backs in the run way race, a clear opening goal came straight from PMSSA’s Bruce Kusunan in the 34th minute. Score now stands PSSA 1, Hekari yet to score.

Hekari pressed on hard to equalize but failed to do so as time caught up with them for half time, when the referee blew the whistle.

In the second half, Hekari came on harder and harder making sure they exhausted their opponnents and this time managed to score a goal, equalizing with the host team 1-1 in the 45th minute.

The rest of the remaining minutes was slow as both teams became exhausted. Defending each territory were tough as defenders cleared off attempts. Hekari even though not used to the climate in Port Moresby, maintained their tough defences and PSSA could not to further with their scoring. Minutes before full time, PSSA boys put more and more pressured to add another goal to their score when they finally scored their second goal. PSSA now leading with 2 goals to 1, made sure their opponents, Hekari dont get near their goalmouth and every likely angle for scoring was sealed off.

The full time score stood in the host team defeating Hekari by a goal difference.

In the other matches, second game was a friendly match between PSSA Youths and 9 Mile Soccer Association where PSSA again came out the winner at full time leading with 2 goal to nil while in the main game against Hekari and Koupa Soccer Association, Koupa defeated Hekari by 1 goal to nil.

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