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Beschel elected new MSA President

Managing Director/Owner for Sigma Construction Siegfried Beschel is the newly elected President for the Madang Soccer Association.

Out of the 21 clubs that took part last year, only 17 clubs met all the financial requirements to vote, but only 12 were present to cast their votes.

Beschel has been a strong and long-time supporter for the code in the Madang Province and this will be his second time to be in the position.

Other executives who were voted in include:

•        Vice President Admin- Mr Sibona Mani

•        Vice President Technical- Mr John Maripal

•        Treasurer –Mr Afinini Tawi

•        General Secretary- Mr Conrad Wadunah

•        Ordinary Member- Mr Gutat Jagg

•        Ordinary Member- Mrs Everlyn Mulul 

Mr Beschel says he is very pleased to be working with this executive team as it is made up of hardworking, dedicated people who have the heart for the football and want to see big improvements in the association and for the players and the clubs as well.

Madang Soccer Association will be hosting its pre-season starting this weekend.

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